Friday, 29 July 2011


Hello to all, you've probably been wondering where I've been these past few months. Well firstly I'd like to apologise for my absence, I've moved house. Not much of an excuse I know but many of you would know in this day and age what it takes to move house. Back in the golden age where broadband was just a made up word and the telephone would just plug into a wall socket, moving was so much easier, I imagine. You didn't have to move your satellite dish off the house to put on the new house, get an engineer to come out and re-install everything and then wait for days on end to get that wonderful little signal that goes to a magic box which then lets you view the world through your computer. Not only does all that go on but of course letting everyone know you've moved, the banks, the utility companies, friends, family, new doctors, new dentists, vets, schools etc. Yes, moving is stressful and hard work but its even harder when you are ill. Moving is an activity that demands high energy and when energy is seriously lacking things can seriously take a turn for the worst.
If you're like me and have major OCD issues then imagine being in a new house, left on your own with the kids as hubby is away working and there are dozens upon dozens of half unpacked boxes lying in situ for days. Cardboard boxes and me don't get on well. They are a nuscence, a pain in the backside, inconvenient and take up too much space not to mention unattractive and doesn't go with the new colour scheme I've put into practice.
Now that I've had a few weeks to settle in, boxes have disappeared and things are looking good, my body has decided to punish me big stylie by saying "I've let you move, get the house the way you want it but now its time you do something for me -you owe me!" Well thank you muchly body for giving me time to enjoy my new house and I love the way it looks but that doesn't mean that I want to be in the house everyday either in bed or on the sofa watching my kids have fun outside and having hubby home going out and about. Surely you can give me one day to be a valued member of my family and enjoy time out of the brick cell my house has become?

Lets hope that the next time we move, my health won't be an issue. Yet again ME has taken charge and is calling the shots, pulling the strings and being my puppet master and I am as always, the unwilling servant.

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