Saturday, 28 May 2011


I have commented to various people and the cfsuk facebook page that I'm getting sick of fighting. I'm fed up with having ME and fed up with other people's lack of awareness of it. Whilst I am fighting against the illness I'm also fighting for the illness at the same time. Its not nice.

So imagine how I feel when I overhear a conversation between two lads about a fantastic new app they have on their phone. It was an app designed to help you with an excuse to call in sick to work with. As one of the lads was going throughthe list like "the dog ate my car keys" or "i'm not hungover, I'm having my man period" I'm thinking this could be quite a funny app to have but then the lad came out with this one: "i can't come into work today I'm suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome", both lads laughed. It took all of my strength and resistance to not go over there and play holy hell on the pair of them. I wanted to ram the phone down their throats, kick them in several places including their privates and cause serious hurt on them. I didn't for the very fact that 1, I had my children with me, 2, I didn't want to get arrested and 3, I simply didn't have the energy to spare.

It gets me so angry that people don't give two hoots about a very serious condition because they don't know anything about it. Well they should. Its the people who have the illness that whilst trying to get through the day and survive they are also doing their damned hardest getting awareness out there. I applaud you all.

Perhaps I should have gone over to those lads and carefully explained that cfs and me are real and they should take a few moments of their day to put a better use to their phones and do a little research, perhaps then they wouldn't laugh next time.

Then again, they might have just thought I was some random crazy woman!

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