Monday, 16 May 2011

Warm Body - Cold Feet

Another thing I'm finding with this ME malarkey is the constant change in body temperature. One of the symptoms is the inability to maintain a normal body temperature. I have found that my temp is never below 37 degrees (not sure what that is in Fahrenheit) so its like I'm always running a temperature. 

This has consequences. For example, no matter how much body deodorant I use I will still sweat! Not just the usual body sweat in the sun but full-on-ran-a-thousand-miles-type of sweat which leave those nasty, unattractive sweaty pits. It is horrible. I wouldn't care so much if I had actually ran the thousand miles but this sweat can appear after just sitting on my backside for half and hour. I repeat - It is horrible! On quite a few occasions it has been rather chilly outside and my friends are wrapped up in their winter coats and scarves and I kid you not, I am out in a t-shirt because I am boiling. I get rather a few strange looks on those days and can imagine what is running through people's minds, for example "are you mad woman?" or "I bet she's cold!" Actually I'm not mad and I'm not cold.

I do however, get cold feet. Not talking here about the nervous type of cold feet but rather the physical type of cold feet. They are like foot shaped ice glaciers with toes on the end of my legs. Thick socks and slippers don't provide much warmth so out comes the blanket over my tootsies. this is just in the house. Imagine what its like outside? If you thought I'd look silly going out in a t-shirt in the middle of winter, imagine how I look in the summer wearing summery clothes and full on socks and thermal boots! Don't even want to know about what people are thinking in this case.

Before the ME began I was a very active person who couldn't stand wearing socks. The thought of anything touching my feet filled me with nausea and I could only tolerate wearing shoes and boots without socks but only for the duration of my activity. As soon as I was home, the shoes would come off and I'd be free to walk around the house sockless, shoeless and slipperless. Now that luxury has been taken away and what I hate more than wearing socks is having cold feet and sweaty pits :-(

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