Friday, 20 May 2011

Low Points to High Points

I'm not going to lie, I've been at really low point in my life for the past couple of weeks. I've not felt like "me" and all the advice I've given out in the past, I didn't listen to myself because I felt like I was just here on this Earth to take up space. Even though my husband and my children were telling me that I was worth it, it just didn't feel like it was enough. I needed to feel worth it, needed to feel like there was a reason why I'm here. Don't get me wrong, I know it all sounds a bit suicidal but I didn't feel like that, I just felt like I didn't know what my purpose was. I still don't for sure but I know that I have had my three gorgeous children for a reason and I've married the love of my life for a reason. Ok, starting to get soppy now, lol.

It was until I finally posted a comment on the Chronic Fatigue UK's facebook page that I started getting the most positive responses from total strangers. Their works gave me the boost that I needed. One person said that I was fantastic for raising three children in my condition and I thought, wow, this person doesn't know me but is praising me for doing what I do everyday and that in its self was amazing. Being a mother is an amazing thing but day in day out when you are at home with your children you do start to feel a little like, what am I doing? Is this all there is to life? But now I think yes, I can do this, its worth it and I wouldn't change it for the world. 

Another thing that has amazed me is that strangers are willing to let a part of you into their lives to show their support and provide you with the most encouraging and uplifting comments. It just goes to show that we aren't all loners and keep ourselves to ourselves, we are willing to give a little of ourselves out there and willing to accept a part of other people into our lives.

So, if I can help one person's day seem a little brighter then I know that I'm not just taking up space, I'm here for a reason.

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