Thursday, 12 May 2011

There's Something Else Wrong With Me?

I've recently had a wonderfuly (not) stay in hospital. I say stay but what I mean is about 8 hours but nonetheless a hospital trip indeed. It happened on a Tuesday roughly around mid-morning when I was taking my usual 20 minutes on the sofa whilst my 15 month old son was taking his mid-morning nap. I heard one of the dogs start to whine so I got up. The next thing I remember was being on the floor, my head hurting (pounding infact) and not quite sure as to how I got there. I rang my husband which I've trained myself to do incase there is something that I can't quite add up and he came running. Apparently my head was hurting as there was a major dent in it. I had fallen onto a piece of furniture right on the corner and the corner had idented into my skull. I really wasn't with it at this point so my husband phoned for an ambulance.

The first response person came, took an assessment then called and ambulance. The deal was I had to go get checked out properly as I had some sort of concussion. At the hospital, laid up on once of those uncomfortable gurneys, wearing THE most sexiest hospital gown, (showing one's backside off to the whole of A&E is just such a memorable experience) and hooked up to a drip after the fifth nurse I'd seen that day came and took blood, I was feeling like sh*t basically. It would seem that after banging my head my body thought right lets intensify these pesky ME symptoms and make her feel a whole lot worse. I kid you not, I couldn't even tuck my hair behind my ears without feeling exhausted and at that point I got a real insight into how some ME sufferers are, unable to do the most simplest of tasks without feeling exhausted and in pain. I thought my ME was bad but this was a whole lot worse, something I hope not to experience again.

It turns out after the blood results came back that I have yet another infection. They can't say what type of infection and where it is but its an infection in any case. So, more meds for me to take, beginning to feel like a walking pharmacy. It turns out that ME patients are prone to the slightest little bug or virus or infection or any other type of bad germ going. We will welcome it into our bodies and take our time in fighting it off because the ME loves the company. So we feel worse everytime and when we don't have the bug/virus whatever, we fear it everyday. Wake up thinking my throat is sore must be coming down with something and there it is BANG! You're even more ill than you were before. And the more signs to look out for: feeling dizzy, collapsing and smashing your head in!

So the next time I fall flat on my face I'll know I have something else wrong with me, more chemicals will be thrown down my throat and yet more reason to not do the things I'm capable of doing. Its like the ME is saying I havn't punished you enough this month, need to make up for it.

Well thank you ME, much appreciated but enough is enough, I will win in the end so there!

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